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Whether it is for erection, commissioning, process audit, or inspections, our expert team is  traveling the world to offer professional support.

CEMTEC accompanies its projects from the drawing board to the performance tests and the operators' training. All machines in CEMTEC's plants are erected under the supervision of CEMTEC's experts and aligned using modern measuring systems.

CEMTEC's measuring capabilities include:

  • laser measurement
  • thermography
  • vibration analysis
  • contact pattern analysis of open gear drives
  • temperature and pressure measurements

All this experience is not only used when new plants are erected and commissioned, but also during various inspections and damage analyses. With its great flexibility, CEMTEC can provide fast assistance in case of faults or stops.
Because of its extensive processing knowledge, CEMTEC has already been able to optimize many existing plants during audits, which was also possible because it is rather easy to replicate existing plants at the pilot plant.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.