Process optimisation

CEOPS - Cemtec Online Particle Size Analyzer

The only way to guarantee the most energy-efficient, cost-effective operation as well as the best quality with regard to the ideal particle size distribution of powder generated in a processing plant or a grinding unit is through continuous (ONLINE) measurement and real-time evaluation including control options.

With CEOPS, CEMTEC developed a system consisting ofvarious components for controlling and regulating plantsin terms of particle size distribution. It can either be usedfor modernizing existing plants or in combination withCEMTEC's new machines and plants. CEOPS was firstbuilt in 2012. So far, more than 20 Particle Size Analyzerswere successfully implemented worldwide. The CEOPSsystem helps improving the quality of the produced goodsand increases the production by an average of 5%.

CEGIS - Cemtec Gear Inspection System

The CEGIS was introduced in 2017 and is another flagshipproject of CEMTEC's innovation portfolio. It standsfor continuous recording of the mechanical operation performanceof tube mills' drive systems. CEGIS is availablefor common single or double pinion drives, and for DMG2combi flex drives. In order to prevent operational errors,data is analyzed and compared to forecast problems ongear parts, bearings or drive train components.

COPA - Cemtec Online Pellets Analyzer

COPA is CEMTEC's latest innovation in the field of process optimizationand complements the pelletizing product portfolio. TheCOPA monitors and analyzes the pellet size distribution with aspecific camera system, while the visualization process and theimage processing algorithms are managed with an IP industrialcamera. Various factors, such as disc speed or water and materialquantity, are controlled to guarantee a proper final product. TheCOPA system can also be utilized in several other areas, thanksto the specifically developed software.