Pilot Plant

Product Development

The demand for higher-quality products and the increasingly specific requirements concerning these products‘ components call for more efficient solutions. CEMTEC’s aim is to tailor all the steps of the process—from the start of production to intermediate and final products—to the clients‘ needs. In order to do this, grindability, energy consumption, and the chemical characteristics of the raw material have to be determined.

All characteristics necessary for designing customized plants are determined at the laboratory and pilot plant. This data is a prerequisite for further calculations and design parameters.

Many years of experience allow us to customize the process according to each client’s requirements. Based on the test results obtained at our pilot plant, we develop the most energy-efficient and sustainable process schemes.

Our services include:

  • Development of a process scheme that maximizes yield and output
  • Confirmation of technical feasibility through pilot plant tests at our company
  • Design of all relevant process steps
  • Evaluation of new technologies and systems to ensure that production is energy-optimized and environmentally friendly
  • Basic and detailed engineering of the process
  • Elaboration of a control and regulation philosophy adapted to the technical requirements
  • Consideration of environmental issues such as mountain economies and drainage cycles