for wet and dry grinding and processing plants




The only way to guarantee the most energy-efficient, cost-effective operation as well as the best quality with regard to the ideal particle size distribution of powder generated in a processing plant or a grinding unit is through continuous (ONLINE) measurement and real-time evaluation including control options.

CEMTEC developed a system, consisting of various components, for controlling and regulating plants in terms of particle size distribution. It is used for modernizing existing plants  as well as in combination with CEMTEC's machines and new plants.

The CEOPS system for wet and dry applications is tailored to each client's needs. It consists of a sampler, sample transport, sample recirculation, sample measurement, and sample evaluation and is implemented in existing control concepts with different controllers and data processing options.

After an initial process data analysis by a CEOPS system, an increase in performance of at least 3–5% can be guaranteed.

Moreover, CEMTEC's clients may rent a simplified "plug and play" CEOPS system for a few months. It has a sampler specifically designed for regulating grinding circuits.