The ever increasing industrial requirements regarding new filler materials as well as their most energy-efficient production call for new approaches in mechanical and plant engineering. Because of its profound understanding of the specifications required by the paper, plastic, or paint and dye industry, coupled with extensive knowledge of raw materials such as calcium carbonate, talcum, or barite and fluorite, CEMTEC can provide its clients with customized solutions.

The solutions offered comprise a wide range, from product identification at the in-house pilot plant, which is the basis for the subsequent machine and system design, to the planning of turnkey plants and their commissioning. Grinding technologies suitable for the filler material industry include ball mills and rod mills as well as vertical roller mills. When these grinding units are combined with the high-performance classifiers of the CTC series developed by CEMTEC, future filler material products are manufactured in the most energy-optimized way.

Extensive research enables CEMTEC to establish product requirements such as fineness, top cut, specific surface, or whiteness with minimum energy consumption. As this saves energy, payback times on investments made are shortened considerably.
CEMTEC's experts also audit existing plants in order to develop action plans with the client.