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CEMTEC mixers are mainly used for mixing iron ores and additives like water, coke, bentonite and limestone. A good homogenization between these ingredients is essential for the downstream agglomeration process. The required retention time so as to achieve the required quality of mixture depends on the characteristics of the raw materials and can be determined in our pilot plant. The wide variety of sizes and designs is also coordinated in line with industrial mineral applications.


De-watered products like filter cakes from beneficiation plants often require further processing through granulation. A cheap and easily manageable way of doing this involves granulation drums, where the mixing and granulating processes are combined within one machine. The selection of drum type, size and design depends on the raw material characteristics and the required retention time. The required data can be determined in our pilot test plant and laboratory facilities.


CEMTEC pelletizing discs are the equipment of choice when uniform pellet size and ease of control are important for converting fine ores into round spherical pellets up to 20 mm in diameter.

Pellet size influenced by disc angle, disc speed and location of solid and liquid feed, is automatically controlled through the operational flexibility of CEMTEC pelletizing discs. Laboratory and pilot scale tests will determine optimum flow schemes, equipment sizing and scale-up.

All inner disc bottoms are lined with “expanded metal” and the disc rim is lined with polyethylene plates to reduce abrasive wear. The base and scraper support provide maximum stability while allowing disc angle adjustment, without the need for separate scraper adjustment.

Individually mounted vane-type ploughs easily control and maintain the product layer over the disc’s entire surface. The pivot base, a rotating part, is mounted on heavy-duty anti-friction bearings.

Further advantages of CEMTEC pelletizing discs:
Adjustable inclination during operation (40°-60°)
Variable speed control during operation via a frequency converter (5-11 rpm)
Adjustable disc height - Highly wear-resistant lining of disc
Highly wear-resistant bottom, side and rim scrapers
Water spraying system