Air Classifiers

This series was designed by a team of experts with international experience in machine and process design and engineering of air classifiers.

CTC - Fine Separator

The CTC fine separator series was developed based on the latest classifier technology findings (fourth generation). CTC fine separators are excellent for classifying metal oxides, mineral fillers (CaCO3, talcum, mica, dolomite), cement, slag, and raw meal. The experts also considered other important steps such as coordination with the grinding unit and design of the corresponding peripheral equipment (material handling, air and gas technology, product transport).

This series was designed to optimize production, operating, and maintenance costs, which was achieved by combining rotor geometry and an improved flow design in a new way. This leads to more efficient classification, low bypass of fines, and therefore lower energy consumption for pulverization and classification.

The classifiers are designed and their strength is optimized through FEM simulations, vibration tests, and modal analyses. This not only guarantees the lowest possible maintenance costs, but also streamlines manufacturing costs. This means that all series are designed so that the critical rotor speed exceeds the maximum operating speed by far.

CTC Series

The newly developed CTC series (for fine industrial minerals d98 = 2530 μm) has an innovative design that guarantees peak production with the finest quality and optimized operation costs.

The classifier's modular design enables CEMTEC to create excellent, customized solutions for their ball mills and vertical mills.
Because of the modular design, air can also be supplied from below, in combination with CEMTEC's vertical roller mill series or as a stand-alone solution for customized applications.

Detail-oriented, sophisticated, and practical solutions have many advantages reflected in high quality as well as low installation, production, and maintenance costs.